Curling Committee & Leagues Chairs

    We are pleased to present our 2022/2023 Curling Committee & League Chairs

    Curling Committee: Roy Weigand (Curling Manager), Mike Bate (Board Liason),

    Brian Gooding, Kevin Browne, Sara Tanaka, Sue Gunton, Simon Elkin

    Leagues Chairs:

    Day Men & Patterson League: Ron Weigand

    Team Entry Open: Kristen Bobbie

    Day Women: Mary Pigott

    Open League: Vacant

    Women: Mary Gray, Linda Smart

    Men: Jeff Larcina, Craig Sealy

    Mixed Social: Diane Evanoff, Graham Evanoff

    Open Doubles: Mike Barbieri

    Team Entry Mixed: Simon Elkin 



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    Club Information

    If you are looking for something new to shorten the long winter months then curling at Donalda Club is what you want. Donalda Club has 4 sheets of curling ice that offers both club members and seasonal members a facility that is second to none. Our teaching staff will provide instruction to beginners and accomplished curlers while helping to educate them on the finer points of the game including rules, etiquette, scoring and the social aspects of the Grand Old Game.