Get Started Clinics

    10-02-2023 10:00 am - 09-28-2023 8:30 pm

    GET STARTED CLINICS - Welcome to Curling at Donalda!
    This is where you can start your learning process to find out how to curl and learn how the game of curling
    works. Saturday Clinic Intro 1 & 2, Combination Daytime and Evening options available. See below.
    INTRO 1: Off ice intro followed by on ice learn to curl.
    INTRO 2: On ice follow up, practice and off ice basic strategy.
    Curling, like every sport, requires the proper equipment to ensure comfort, safety and success. There is
    various level of quality reflected by ranges in price. For equipment assistance, please contact Janet or
    If you are without curling equipment before your first session, please bring a clean pair of running shoes
    to wear on the ice. Gloves or mitts with leather palms (wool slips). Warm layers such as a sweater or light
    jacket, athletic pants (no jeans).
    Intro 1 is mandatory for all adult members new to curling, prior to opening league week. Both Intro 1&2
    are recommended.
    Donalda Pro Shop: Brooms, replacement heads and grippers
    Spokes & Sports on Avenue Rd.
    Goldline Curling retailer


    Saturday, September 30th 10am - 1pm  Both Intro 1 & Intro 2

    Weekday Daytime: Monday, October 2nd 10am-11:30am Intro 1 and Thursday, October 5th 10am-11:30am Intro 2

    Weekday Evening: Monday, October 2nd 7pm - 8:30pm Intro 1 and Thursday, October 5th 7pm-8:30pm Intro 2

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    If you are looking for something new to shorten the long winter months then curling at Donalda Club is what you want. Donalda Club has 4 sheets of curling ice that offers both club members and seasonal members a facility that is second to none. Our teaching staff will provide instruction to beginners and accomplished curlers while helping to educate them on the finer points of the game including rules, etiquette, scoring and the social aspects of the Grand Old Game.