Broom Pads

  • No Hair brooms and Hardline brooms must have the plastic insert removed. The use of the “extreme” Jimmy heads from Leaside will not be allowed (if you know what I am meaning then you know which ones would be classified as “extreme”). Non “extreme” Jimmy heads will be allowed, and conforming Jimmy fabric is allowed.
  • All broom fabric from major manufacturers, Heads Up by Jimmy MacMillan and broom pads sold at our pro shop are acceptable.
  • We will not be policing sweeping technique, so teams will be able to directionally sweep.


For more information on the sweeping regulations imposed by the governing bodies in provincial and national competitions, click on the links below:

Curling Canada

Sweeping Moratorium Statement

Sweeping Moratorium FAQs

National Research Council Public Executive Summary

Ontario Curling Association

Sweeping Moratorium on Brush Head Technology

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